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Open Hearth


1. Reels: Joe Bane's / The Green-Gowned Lass

2. Hornpipe: Off to California

3. Jig: John Naughton's Jig

4. Reels: Bag of Spuds / The Doonagore Reel

5. Hornpipes: Peacock's Feather / Harvest Home

6. Reels: Reel of Rio / The Reel of Bogie

7. Jig: Joe Bane's

8. Schottische: Bonnie Scotland / Bill O'Malley's

9. Reels: The Morning Star / Joe Bane's

10. Jigs: The Boy in the Wood / The Rooms of Dooagh

11. Reels: Big Pat's Reel / Maids of Galway

12. Reel: The Humours of Tullycrine

13. Reels: Over the Moor to Maggie / Boil the Kettle Early

No Compromise.


1:Hornpipes: Showman's fancy/ Denis Murphy's

2.Waltz: The forest flower.

3.Reel: Star of Munster.

4.Jigs: Mist covered mountain/Killaloe boat.

5.Reels: Big Pat/ Sportin Nell.

6. Jigs: Tone Rowe's/Mug of brown ale.

7.Hornpipes: Humours of Tullycrine/O Callaghans favourite.

8. Reels.Cameronian/ Humours of Scariff.

9. Waltz.:The anniversary song.

10.Within a mile of / Whisteling postman / Corner house.

11. Jigs: Lark on the strand / The black rogue.

12 .Reels: Old wild Irishman/ The union reel.


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